THE GOOD: This bluish gray tweed vintagy mid-century moderny mamajama. I want to sit on this couch in a sleek sheath dress with the perfect nude pump and eat crustless cucumber sandwiches off of a silver tray. Seriously though, I almost passed out when I walked in the door and saw this. I think I scared the date when I scaled another sofa, two end tables and a mannequin to get a good look at the upholstery. (Note to self, I should probably stop taking dates crafting and thrifting, he’s going to start thinking I’m a crazy person right?) 

mid-century modern couch at Housing Works NYC

THE BAD: I can’t afford either of these couches.

grandpa plaid tweed couch from Housing Works in NYC

THE UGLY: This plaid grandpa couch (though I’ve stared at it so long, I’m now leaning towards so ugly its awesome!?!?!) This Grandpa couch was only $250 for heaven’s sake! And in purrrrfect condition, hence why soph-soph would love it. The foam was still foamy, the springs were still super springy, and the wood frame was built like a tank (and yes I peeked under her skirt). It was most assuredly covered in a custom plastic cover for its entire couch life. If I got rid of that creepy little pleated skirt I might actually like it. I’m thinking staple gun… I would like to sit on this plaid couch and eat butterscotch candies.

But seriously, the Housing Works on the UWS right now is chock full of super amazing things because people who can afford to live there can afford the good things and then afford other good things and then give their old good things away to charity! And no, I’m not bitter.

Now somebody go thrift something amazing and then tell me about it, I’m jonesing real bad. I mean, even my mother is showing me up from Iowa remember?



So as you know from this post we hosted our very own Easter bonnet parade in 2R this past weekend. We just couldn’t resist the idea of taking our crafting to the next level and creating something wearable. 

Enter an epic trip to the dollar store & Michaels a.k.a. 2R Mecca to scavenge for supplies, and we were off! All totalled I think my bonnet supplies cost me about 8 bucks. But in reality probably just as much in hot glue sticks (why so expensive glue?). Plus about 17 man hours cuz I’m slow, and who knows how many layers of skin from my delicate lady fingers.

But it was totally worth it, check out the supplies…

Craft supplies from Michaels and Lee's Art Shop

Ok now that I look at that pic I totally forgot I spent about 7 million dollars on fancy ribbon from Lee’s Art Shop, but in all fairness that was bought during a previous depressive retail blackout to soothe my soul. Annnnd I didn’t use it all so the cost is more spread out right?

Anyway, so the base part of my bonnet was the dollar basket that I cut the handles off of, easy-peasy! Then I set about making a brim. Now I did a little google and some image searches to decide how “full bonnet” I wanted to go. Little House vs. Amish vs. Flying Nun ect…  Then I got a headache from thinking so hard (sometimes my brain isn’t so good with spatial visualization) so I just said screw it and started cutting.

Making the brim was pretty much a cut and paste job of trying out different depths and angles of the curves and such from that 39¢ posterboard stuff (I bought two as a precaution but only wound up using one). Of course as you can see, I used extremely complex measuring tools like various IKEA bowls and plates to trace the desired curves I wanted.

tracing curves with IKEA bowls and plates

This took me around a million hours, no joke. The ‘Rooms completely finished his masterpiece while I was still messing around tracing everything on the floor. Somewhere in the middle of my craft paper haze it dawned on me that what I was actually doing was making a freakin’ hat from scratch, like I was Phillip Tracy or something. Needless to say the ‘Rooms came to the rescue with one of his famous “talk me off the ledge” speeches and we took a break for chinese food.

tissue paper modge podge decopauge

Once I got everything situated I taped together my pattern and traced a final brim that I could decoupage with fancy dollar store tissue paper on one side and leftover fabric from some curtains on the other (you know, to keep it “organic” looking with the straw base). Bahahaa, cuz I like to keep it real at Easter.

modge podge gluing fabric

After the tissue paper decoupaging I let it rest for a couple of days, because I had to go back to the cubicle, and they kind of frown upon crafting during work you know… But, I came back in full force to finish for the win! This also happened to be during the middle of a kind of date where I rationalized to the gentleman in question that it was better this way. You see, some people hide their crazy and you find out when it’s too late, but witnessing the craft-ermath is pretty much as crazy as I get, so its really a practice in full disclosure dating. (T.M.I. I know, guilty, sue me).

hot glue craft mess

Ok… so, the hardest part was definitely the pattern making for the brim, followed by patience for letting my Mod Podge dry (because I’m too cheap for spray adhesive). But after that I got to my favorite part and coasted home with hot-glue gun in hand, somehow I oddly excel at gluing ribbon to hat brims (that was the easy part).  I topped her off with a few dollar store ribbon curls and a cute little chick egg as the pièce de résistance and called it a finished masterpiece. Ta da!

Finished easter bonnet

Easter brunch bonnet










P.S. I know you might be saying something like “Beckie…why are you posting an Easter bonnet how-to AFTER Easter?” To which I say again… I’m slow. BUT May-day is right around the corner and I figure hey, swap out the Easter-eggs for some May flowers and you’ve got a whole other party to plan right? Tell your friends, you’re welcome! Now who is hosting?



Hello again everybody! Been a busy busy past week or so around the cubicle, apologies for the radio silence. Been up to mostly no-good in my free time, i.e. crafting and hot-gluing my little fingers off preparing for our easter bonnet brunch-tacular this past weekend. About a month ago the ‘Rooms and I cooked up the idea to host a BONNET REQUIRED pre-Easter brunch. We have such a hodge-podge of wonderful friends we couldn’t wait to see what would come walking through our door.Easter craft decorations

easter brunch food spread

bacon egg biscuits and mini frittatasWe like to host brunches periodically for two main reasons.

1) we like to drink Mimosas with friends! 

2) we like to do this without leaving our house!

 Plus 2R brunch is always unlimited Mimosas, and there’s never an hour wait for a table! I think the most important discovery for us this brunch-around was the superiority of all foods in cupcake form… Much easier to hold and nosh with your non-mimosa hand! Especially as it is of utmost importance to keep one hand free for wild expressive gestures and waving to new friends walking in the door (whilst keep mimosa intact in the other). The two newest and brightest stars were clearly the bacon egg biscuits and mini spinach and jack frittatas.

We really hit our hosting stride this Easter, with enough time and preparation we were really able to go all out with the theme and decorate and style to our little hearts content. I mean, I alternated the two kinds of napkins and plates and lined all the baskets with tissue and that crazy scary easter grass for heaven’s sake. Also downloaded the cute bunny mobile cutouts (more on that later) and a Happy Easter banner from here and here via Poppytalk. Thank goodness for the internet and color printing! So with hanging all of our creations, shopping ahead of time and boiling eggs, baking pastries and prepping ingredients two-three days in advance left all of Saturday morning devoted to assembly, baking, and last-minute smattering of twinkle lights. (What? Sue me, they never made it back into storage after Christmas so they were on hand!)

And of course no Easter themed brunch would be complete without egg dying! So once everyone had their fill of food items, we magically converted our old free dresser moonlighting as a serving station fancy credenza to an egg dying station. Team work people… Being the old married couple we are, the ‘Rooms was able to take care of the vinegar/water solution for the dye whilst I quick like made some extra egg dippers trimmed from an old wire hanger and then wrapped around the neck of an empty champagne bottle. I realised at 3am last night that I forgot to do the rubber band egg dyingtechnique that I’d bookmarked from Pinterest weeks ago. Blaming that oversight on too many Mimosas… Next year!

All in all this Easter brunch was a wild and rousing success rounded out with too much candy/baked goods/champagne (as it should be) and just enough good friends and laughter! A huge thank you to each and everyone one of our dear friends for braving the rain and the potential dog attacks to come enjoy an afternoon in the Easter-wonderland of 2R. We can’t wait till next time!

And we even remembered to take a group photo! YAY US!

Easter bonnet parade 



So there I am on Sunday night crafting away preparing for the easter bonnet extravaganza brunch that we’re hosting next weekend at our apartment, when what arrives in my inbox?

red wagon street find from Iowa

Get into it!!! My mother one-upped me from Iowa with the best street find of all time. The Little Red Wagon that could/can/and is being awesome right now! Leave it to the midwest to be hiding all of the good things… She even painted the base red to match because it was bare wood. Honestly, how great is this? And of course she’s using it as a totally functional item for her gardening supplies, whereas I would naturally try to mount it on the wall and put tchotchkes in it.

It gives me the warm fuzzies to know that my mother 6 states away is getting into the street find madness that has consumed my life. I think it’s a very special aspect of the adult parental/offspring relationship to discover the things you have in common that you never knew you did. Silent tear, two cents, hug it out, apologies for the sentimentality…

Now go take a long walk tonight and find something on the street then tell me all about it and make me jealous!

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