I know this week I haven’t posted any personal project photos or any fun ridiculous anecdotes of 2R. Probably mostly because I’m still suffering from the depressions spurred by last weeks cr-aftermath fiasco. 

Dog otto hiding in pillow fortWhich in turn makes me want to curl up in a ball a ‘la Otto style in a fort of comfy pillows.

Its OK though, its Friday and I intend to treat myself to some hulu, some delivery, and some quality bed time. Saturday morning I’ll wake up refreshed and full of vigor to be all the weekend warrior I can be.

Enough about the project depressions. However, I have been super-web browsing this week so it’s not a total wash. Check out this latest installment for the Ugly or Awesome files.

Meet these animal shaped hair-stravaganza’s made by Nagi Noda, a Japanese artist and video director from Tokyo (sadly no longer with us).

Poodle Hairpiece by Nagi Noda

I have always wanted a standard poodle of my very own...

Lion hairpiece from Nagi Noda

In like a Lion, out like a lamb...

Image Credit: here

I of course with my love of all things crazy am leaning toward loving these. Then again this probably doesn’t fall into the “business casual” dress code for the cubie. So where-ever would a gal where this? Sometimes art is just art to be fun and beautiful and outrageous!

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P.S. If you’re confused about Ugly or Awesome… or missed last weeks, read here.


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Spring is here, or at least it’s really trying now… Which means of course that summer BBQ/beach time is just around the corner. Better start planning now!!!

Motivation for this little ditty came from this galvanized steel tub turned classy bench by Katie Thompson, an amazing designer out of South Africa who founded ReCreate. My friend and I were commenting back and forth on  pinterest (as you do), and she suggested filling it with ice and stashing a 6 pack inside! Perhaps a delicious summer ale from Long Island based Blue Point Brewery. Which in turn got me thinking…  Add a big ‘ole beach umbrella like the Le Pixel from Basil Bangs, throw in a couple hundred Fla-vor-ice’s and you’ve got some bonified chic fun in the sun.

Recipe for success for summer fun in the sun!

So get yourself one of these here fancy coolers and hitch it on over to Jones Beach, or your friends back yard, or heck, even pop it on your rooftop and kick off the summer season right!

Image Credit: all as linked in text. Click ’em!


Because this song makes me wanna get my beverage sipping, Fla-vor-ice eating party on.



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So I really want to live closer to my cubicle. I miss it so much when I’m away (insert dripping sarcasm).  But… I’m a homebody so its important for me to have some semblance of space in an apartment. Therefore I must remain in queens because space/affordability > convenience. However, I know many a folk that don’t feel that way and just basically view their apartment as a bunk house where they can sleep until they leave again.

Like this lady, she’d rather live on top of Lincoln Center in 90 square feet than commute from Queens or Jersey.  Give it a watch, I’m most fascinated that she can live AND work in this space. Though she’s probably always at the Starbucks on the corner…


Now granted, I did live in a cruise ship cabin for almost 2 years of my life, (which I shared with another human) so I can definitely relate.  And while I wouldn’t take back that experience of kick ball changing around the world on a paid vacation, I’m glad I did it when I was 22, not 30.  I’m getting a little itchy just thinking about it right now so I think I’ll go paint something to calm the nerves. And then lie down on my big bed that isn’t 2 feet from the ceiling!



So every few months the ‘Rooms tries to convince me to move to Brooklyn. And while I am tempted, and I do like to visit and take absurdly large/heavy things  treasures home on the train from the Brooklyn Flea, I’m not sure drinking the full strength Brooklyn kombucha is for me… Competing in the hippest of hipster contest everyday in and out of the borough would get tiresome. Its like if you ate ice cream everyday for lunch, you’d eventually tire of it right? That reminds me, it’s Mister Softee season…

Soooooo,  when I came across these lovelies via poppytalk I knew I had found my Brooklyn placebo.

Build Your Block pillows by Patrick Chirico

Insert the Build Your Block pillow collection created by Patrick Chirico. Throw pillows inspired by and modeled after urban buildings like brownstones, your corner deli, the restaurant two doors down, the vacant building on your block that you pray doesn’t turn into a nightclub (&/or hookah bar in our Astoria hood). He even has little mini nugget pillows with things like stop signs, trash cans, and the falafel cart! Click here to view the entire collection at Design Public and build your own dream block.

Though these pillows aren’t cheap (bwtn $20-$80/each), building your own little private Brooklyn block for your sofa is still more economical than moving. Plus you can get rid of that annoying abandoned eyesore across the way once and for all!

Images: Design Public as linked.

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