Guys, I totally forgot to tell you I was guest blogging over at Design Thoughts for my blogging/twitter gal pal who I met about a zillion years ago when we both went to this meetup event for Emily Henderson from Design Star. I work in social now and love it and sometimes I like to talk about it because I am a huge nerd. I think there are differences between social for something like this blog and social for something like a big corporate machine but at the same time the basics are the same.

First things first, be a human being.

A social account is an extension of your brand/person no matter how small or well constructed so remember to keep the human element in your internetz. FYI – If you suck at being a human being, work on that first, then get on twitter. Or hire someone, I’m available. read my guest post on Design Thoughts for more tips on how social media is just like real life.

Side note: I’m thinking about doing some writing here about social and tech and things. Who knows, we’ll play it by ear. I really like working with MakeYourMediaSocial clients but that kind of freelance stuff has taken a back seat lately as I get more involved with work-y work. I send out a social newsletter twice a month, but am thinking maybe that kind of content could have a place here. Or not, if you guys want all cat photos all the timez then I WILL BLOG ALL THE CAT PHOTOS. Maybe get Soph her own tumblr… Thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments.


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ice cream makes bad days better at Eddies sweet shop in Forest Hills

Happy Holiday three day weekend if you’re lucky enough to have that today. In celebration of MLK Jr. day have a black and white sundae with whipped cream and a cherry. I cheated and had mine early because Sunday was kind of shaping up to be a no good day, and then we had ice cream for lunch at Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills and everything was much better. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be having ice cream in the middle of nowhere Queens, but hey, I’m into it now.

Eddies Sweet Shop has been a staple on Metropolitan Avenue for over 100 years. Homemade ice cream, whipped cream, sundaes, floats, shakes and old school charm. Brave that F train and an appetite inducing walk and treat yo self. If you are nervous about venturing into actual Queens call me, I’d be happy to hold your hand and guide you there if you’re buying!

105-29 Metropolitan Ave Queens, NY 11367 in Forest Hills – See you there, what’s your favorite topping?


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Nest NYC leggings as pants tuxedo stripe giveaway on Cubicle57 comment to enter

We’re back to putting comfort first Internet. If you’re in the middle of some heavy duty fitness New Year’s resolutions or if you’re maybe um, in the middle of some heavy duty maximum comfort and style New Year’s resolutions then this is the giveaway for you!

Bree from Nesh NYC emailed me after reading my 5 rules for wearing leggings as pants post awhile back. (BTDubbs this post has been extremely popular with google so HI new people, stick around say hello and stay awhile will you?) Nesh NYC is a local New York company that make super lux and awesome yoga wear with the entire purpose of being worn outside of the studio because ain’t nobody got time for lugging around their closet. Amiright New Yorkers?

Their stuff is awesome but $$$ (remember I said spending cash dollars on the right stuff is worth it) however, lucky for you they’re sponsoring a giveaway and you can win a pair of the super swanky tux stripe stirrup leggings for your very own!!!

How to Enter:

  • Visit their site and leave a comment below telling us what your favorite yoga move is (it’s totally OK if it’s savasana).
  • Extra Entry: Like Cubicle57 on Facebook, and come back here and leave another comment that you did.
  • Entries on this giveaway are closed. The winner picked by my magic winner picker plugin is Amy H. Congrats Amy! Be sure to let us know how much you love them! If you didn’t win visit NeshNYC and treat yo’ self, you’re worth it!

    *Cubicle57 was not paid or perked in anyway for this post, just sharing an incredible company and product for you guys because shopping local and supporting small biz is awesome. Entry & Shipping is limited to 48 contiguous states, sorry International & Alaska/Hawaii.



    New Years Resolution, be greater than the last
    2012 was a big year. I’m sitting here contemplating how I could have done so many things and yet feel like I have accomplished nothing at all. Now, MOM, I know this is not true. 2012 was a big year of rebuilding and realigning myself for what I hope is a successful 2013. (Insert appropriate cliché; Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can’t win ’em all, patience is a virtue.)

    I took a good look back through the archives of this here blog, and here are my 12 favorite posts of 2012. Thanks for reading everyone, you all are the for stopping by this little corner of the internets.

  • Remember when the ‘Rooms and I had a small teeny tiny victory against our horrible landlord and then we moved?
  • Neon was and still is awesome.
  • I brought greenery into this new apartment for the first time.
  • We’re still in love with our Chinese delivery guy. I plan to see him tonight.
  • I tried my hand at indoor gardening, and probably to best how-to post I’ll ever do.
  • Oops, I killed some plants…
  • I decoded Martha Stewart, for the rest of us.
  • It was so delicious, I tried it again.
  • We said goodbye to Rose.
  • I learned from my mistakes and haven’t killed a plant since.
  • Traveling to Brooklyn to help Ab Chao was totally fun and worth it and reminded me that leaving my house is OK and sometimes even fun.
  • I totally made Christmas work with a terror cat.
  • I’m not much of a resolution maker, but I guess my only resolution would be to get a job when my internship ends in January. So if you know anyone who’s looking for a community manager or social type ninja holla at your girl @cubicle57blog. Cheers everyone, stay safe and hydrate!

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