Dreaming of Dwell-ing

Mar 29, 2011

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Taking a break from thinking about street furniture and recycled finds to dream of possessing the liquid cash/available credit to buy new.

It’s a beautiful sunny day outside and AT was telling me over my morning coffee that DwellStudio has released a line of upholstered furniture. After coming to, cleaning up the coffee spill, and picking myself up off the floor I immediately clicked over to their site! Basically a Dweller’s dream come true. You can now get an entire bed or chair upholstered in their outrageously beautiful textiles that you’ve been ogling from their bedding lines. And heck if you’ve got the 300 cash dollars to spend on a duvet, spending $1,450 for an entire upholstered bed seems like a great bang for your bucks.

bed, chair, duvet, and sheet set from dwell studio

Insert my fantastical dreamings bedroom.

I like to dream realistically however, I can’t help it. Just for fun, everything in this picture costs $2,950. Not including taxes and shipping (come on, I can’t get that serious, if I put it all in a shopping cart I might accidentally black out and click buy, maxing out the ‘ole Visa, and never eat again). At my current rate of savings I would be able to afford this bedroom in the year 2023. Something to dream about for sure, and I’m positive my then 39-year-old self would sleep so soundly on a veritable cloud of fancy textiles.

So click on over to Dwell’s web-home and go ahead and mix and match your dream bedroom all in one place. Then go find $3,000 dollars on the street!

Image credits: all DwellStudio


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Practice makes perfect

Mar 28, 2011

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wicker woven servery traySee wicker serving trays rescued from the recycle pile at work. (Don’t judge, I pilfered them in secret) I have 5 of these big mama-jamas, they’re about 15″ diameter!

square string art template beginner

See template I looked up online for remedial string art, much like you would give an elementary school child. Or me… Get template here. And more advanced ones here. See really fancy string art here.

collage of string art process

See my 10 pm while watching Grey’s foam board trial run.  Click photo for a big version. Note to self, when they say its best to use embroidery thread they mean it, regular yarn is too thick. Oh, and Ehow recommended veneer pins, they were right too, I used carpet tacks because they were on hand and I like their irregular little heads, but they wound up being too short and stumpy to be really secure.

I personally recommend a “lady sized hammer” to tap in the pins, a ‘la picture #2 above. Of course preferably in a floral pattern. Keeps delicate hands delicate for teeny tiny pins!

This was just an experimentation for doing string art on the fantastic rescued wicker trays. I thought I would get to it this weekend, but my entryway table project sucked a lot of time, and most of my can-do attitude. It’s ok though, I live to craft another day!

Leave a comment below if you’ve got the perfect string art method &/or template and lets bring back the 70’s together!



Its Sunday morning, I should be finishing my Saturday project of stripping, sanding, and staining an old sewing table we found awhile back. Instead I threw together this collage of the disaster “process” of experimenting and starting yesterday. This project has to take place outside on the roof because guess what? Sanding is dusty and stripper is smelly stuff!

Its cold out on this March day and I’m waiting for more sunshine on our west-facing roof so I don’t freeze my little fingers and toes off.

I’ve heard of a magical land where people have entire garage or basement spaces dedicated to this kind activity. I want to move there.

progress pictures of sanding and staining a table


UPDATE: check out the finished bonanza here!!!!!




Sadly, I lost a couple of great thrift finds this past week. As you know, you snooze you lose, and my lack of funds lately has kept some really awesome things on the shelves and out of my grubby little hands in this month of March.

large white peacock scalloped thrift store table lamps

I’d been involved in a pretty serious relationship with these lamps. Having spent three luxurious afternoons strolling to visit them at the Furniture Market in Astoria. I was having trouble committing to their large size and hefty price tag. It’s probably for the best, I clearly have a lamp problem. I hope they went to a very happy home where their new mommy and daddy have the space to display them proudly. Hopefully with a new large cylinder drum shade like this one that I had all picked out and in the shopping cart. (silent rolling tear)

burnt orange velvet chair from Housing Works

West Elm narrow leg vanityThis chair and I were not meant to be either.  I’d only been on one date to visit him at the Housing Works down the street, but I really saw potential.  I allowed myself to dream of quiet evenings lounging in its burnt orange luster  while sitting at my desk, writing blog posts and browsing the interwebs for the perfect drawer handles for its partner. Someday maybe he’ll come back to me…

So here’s to the hope of spring folks, and may you never let the ones you love get snatched up by some other bargain loving thrifter. But if it should happen, may they be treated like the treasures they are for the rest of their days.

Happy trails, thrift loves, happy trails!

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