OK friends, check it out. The worst thing about having a 9-5er happening in my life right now is that it’s really cutting into my DIY and project time. Don’t get me wrong, as St. Patty’s came and went yesterday, and I did not have to set foot inside a restaurant/bar establishment to wait on crazy drunk people high on sunshine and green body glitter, I was extremely grateful for my cubicle! Don’t worry, I celebrated in my own way by thrifTING on my lunch break! And I got a lamp for just 12 shamrocks! More on that soon…

So during the week I live vicariously through others’ projects while spending quality time writing on this little ditty. I introduced the ‘Rooms to pinterest.com last week and it unleashed a crafting monster mutated from visual stimuli overload. He ate glue sticks for breakfast one day I think… This in turn unleashed my green-eyed monster, and I spent a couple of days jealous and pouty that I couldn’t get in on any of the fun crafting action happening back in Astoria. But alas “working” is the necessary evil. After all, I have to put food on the table paint in the cabinet somehow.

But check out the wicked awesome pipe/lamp/bookshelf extravaganza he screwed together one day. AND wired himself. No pre-done kit for this budding electrician!

Someday we want to do the papa bear version like over at The Brick House bloggity blog, full instructions (and shopping list!) here. But again, like much of crafting and DIYing it’s not the individual pieces that are expensive, it’s the entire loot that would set us back too many rubles at the moment. Thank goodness spring is upon us and it will soon be time for prime street pickins! Hope I find something during the dogs bedtime walk… see you later!


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HEY! Have you told any of your friends that aren’t my friends about this wicked new blog you’re reading?

Yeah thats right. Just a remind with the help of my friends the 4 Non Blondes serenading me back to 1992 lounging by the pool with “What’s Up?” blaring over the intercom. Soak it in. You’re welcome!


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Shelter Magazine Day!

Mar 16, 2011

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Look at Sophie (our 3-year-old lioness) just lounging on her favorite bed corner soaking up the setting sun and watching protectively over my magazines that had arrived that day in the mail and were placed so lovingly and artfully on my bed by the mailman/the ‘Rooms.

Forgive her stank face...she's just warning the dog these are no chew items.

P.S. Must get longer phone cord  so I can tack it along the windowsill to the magic internet box. Not like I’ve lived in this apartment for three years or anything. Also must get new remote to replace the one the pup had for dinner last week

EDIT – phone cord success, and the new remote is working wonderfully. Take that getting things done that actually need done-ing!


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Go BIG or go home

Mar 15, 2011

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Build it Green!NYC is a non-profit “salvage and surplus materials provider” in Astoria/Long Island City that rescues tons (no really, actual metric tons) of reusable building materials and other such things from the landfill. Basically its a big warehouse where the ‘Rooms and I go to sift and dig through mountains of junk wonderful treasures in search of diamonds in the rough. Last year we haggled two sweet metal school desks and a couple old windows for 60 bucks!

It had been awhile since we had made the sojourn to BIG on the heel toe express. So last week when I opened my e-mail inbox and saw the monthly newsletter and it told me they would be getting a major shipment of furniture from a hospital which would include office chairs, vintage ’50s office furniture, medical rolling cabinets, stainless steel rolling tables, and more!!!! I immediately added it to the calendar and forwarded to my roommate. I was so excited I almost made a Facebook invite, but alas, I don’t have that much time on my hands over the lunch hour… Or do I?

Boy did they deliver. There were so many wonderful things that made my heart skip a beat I was hoping there was a “not so vintage” defibrillator floating around, or at least an oxygen tank with a few spare puffs. Thank goodness I was able to pull through and snap a few pics of my faves!

Because I’m 7 years old I can’t go in places like this and not open drawers and turn knobs and crawl on the floor to get a good look at the undercarriage of something that catches my eye. Evidently the hospital didn’t clean out the merchandise before donating because this sweet supply cabinet was chock full of hip screws and plates and leg hinges and other random medical insertions. I wonder if all that was included in the sticker price? P.S. You couldn’t pay me enough money to get rid of those sweet raised labels.

This baby really brought a tear to my eye. Its like the metal school locker I’ve always wanted. But hospitalized with glass panes! If I put something away in a drawer or behind a closed door, I’ll forget its there. My brain is just too forgetful to put things completely out of sight. I’m constantly teased around here for all of the “useful” objects in my room. But what can I say, I demand a pleasing aesthetic and function. They had two of these beauties in the single width and another bigger chunk that was three wide! Oh to have the rooooooom! They wanted $175 smackers for the single tall one and I had about $1.75 in change with which to haggle so I sadly had to leave this gem for someone else to take home.

On a side note… when I walk around places like this and see the sold stickies with names on them I secretly want to tag along for the delivery and meet the new owners of items I’m in love with so at least I can rest assured they’ll be going to good homes. Or maybe, I’d meet my soul mate/future hubby who wanted a medical storage cabinet of his very own (cue sweeping romantic “meet cute” music)!

So I guess the true moral of the story here is maybe brush off your old “bar name” from college and put that on your sold stickies in thrift stores and salvage warehouses, otherwise some creeper like me might google you!


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