I joined Instagram a year ago when I got my iPhone (What, my true love and I have only been together that long?) and I never looked back. My very first Instagram was a cat photo, obviously. I took a little holiday time to review and go through all of my photos from the past year and I wanted to share some of the unsung heros of my Instagram feed that never made it around to the blog. These aren’t the most liked, or the most commented, or the most artistic, or have the best composition: these are just a few favorites that made me stop and smile as I scrolled through and felt a little pang of nostalgia for the moment that was captured. Feel free to click any of the photos and give ’em a heart for old times sake. Oy 2012, here’s to 2013. (In no particular order…)

Favorite #selfie

This was the morning after I gave my three weeks notice. Life was good, I was wearing multiple neons and patterns: the N train was on time.

Favorite #catstagram

cat sleeping on a cat blanket, on vacation

Taken while on vacation in Iowa: this is my mothers cat Helen, taking a cat nap on a cat blanket. I won the Internet that day.

Favorite #foodstagram

tiny cheese, toast and merengue

In celebration of the ‘Rooms being on the Tonys we all got together and ate tiny foods apparently: in an apartment decorated by my friends granny chic landlord/roommate.

Favorite #mysterygram

string lights in a dark sky

I don’t remember taking this photo: a great night was had by all. Darn you Long Island City with your hip bars and easy proximity to public transportation.

Favorite #outfitoftheday

menswear banana republic and jcrew

Not my outfit though. My personal favorite outfit was the one I wore to my current job interview, but this is the best ‘gram. Hand-holding-man-friend looks like a damn JCrew ad: not bad for a boy from Queens.
What were your favorite Instagrams of the year? Share links in the comments, it’s fun!

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christmas in a house with an eight month old terror kitten

Hello all. Remember Peter, the laundry loving subletter cat that is staying with us? Peter’s favorite cat skill is fucking shit up and therefore Christmas is a bit different around these parts this year. I knew early on that a tree was completely out of the question and did a little soul searching as to whether decking the halls was even worth it, or if the hand-holding-man-friends tree would be enough. This is Christmas in a house when you have a ginger cat terrorizing your things 97% of the time. Out of stubbornness and pride I refused to sacrifice any of our beloved baubles in some kind of cat training/testing experiment for one who wasn’t mine and this is what I came up with. Washi tape. Lots and lots of washi tape.

8 Christmas tree made out of washi tape

This tree is about eight feet tall and probably took about two and a half rolls of washi tape total? I was using different stray rolls I already had laying around so that’s why it’s such an “eclectic amalgamation.” Also, I’m too lazy+poor to actually plan and purchase craft supplies anymore so… I guess we’re all lucky I don’t have a Christmas tree made out of ramen noodles and tears. If you are a planner you can totally do this better. For instance you could like, trace it on the wall first, measure for consistency, or um, look at a picture of a Christmas tree. I’m a big proponent of the eye ball method and well, it’s messy, mix-y, a little bit fucked up and “Hi, I’m Beckie have we met?

The ‘ornaments’ are gold pipe cleaners leftover from Christmas’ past and kindergarten level tape shapes. Notice there are no pipe cleaner ornaments below the height of a stretched out eight month old kitten– hashtag protip. I’d like to say this washi tree is 100% cat proof but alas, about 2.5 seconds after I declared her ‘done’ Peter was all up in that corner trying to tear the tape off the walls. Yes he’s still living, but no we’re not speaking. However, sticking some tape back on the wall occasionally is a lot better than cleaning up shattered ornaments and pine needles every morning and night. I tried putting a fan in front of the tree when I was gone thinking the noise would keep him away, but our Peter here is fearless. Joy.

christmas garland and dollar store vingettes

In an attempt to save Christmas I splurged on 15 feet of real pine garland and swagged that shit around the archway into the big empty room. I would of course have liked to have it extend all the way to the floor BUT WE DON’T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT DO WE SANTA? Peter has yet to jump high enough to attack the garland so I’m calling that a success. The rest of the household surfaces higher than cat level are just a rearrangement of regular tchotchkes and dollar store Christmas crap. Nothing special to see here, moving along.

lights on a dress form is that same as a christmas tree

In a final display of holiday cheer I wrapped Myrtle, our street find dress form, in Christmas lights and put everything else away for next year. I like her standing in the corner all quietly illuminated and if Peter chews those wires and gets a little bit a electrocuted well, it probably won’t kill him. Happy Holidays everyone.



leggings as pants: example 1

You guys I feel compelled to address an issue that’s been flying around the Internet unchecked. The rumor that it is not OK to wear leggings as pants. This is entirely false. Leggings as pants is one of the most wonderful inventions of all time. In fact, some weeks I wear leggings as pants exclusively and I have never once apologized for it, and I never will. But ladies, with great freedom comes great responsibility. So please, some guidelines to follow so you can stop ruining it for the rest of us who are tastefully enjoying our stretchy comfort.

    You know those people that say you should only wear yoga leggings to yoga? They are wrong. Lulu is excellent, or if you wanna go local and support small biz NeshNYC makes some awesome styles. Yes they’re expensive, but they are not see-through (the number one faux pas of legging/pants novices). DON’T buy your leggings at Target or the dollar store or any other such discount store. Spring for a quality pair and they will happily last you years without anyone seeing your thigh/cheek flesh in public.
  2. Wear something TUNIC LENGTH on top.
    There are a very small percentage of women who can actually wear leggings as full pants. If you wear something dress length you will look frumpy like you should just be wearing tights, and if you wear something shirt length (even hip) you WILL NOT look like Kate Moss. Trust me. Tunic length is the place to BE. If you are confident and fit, you can show a teeny bit of butt cheek in the back because hey you’re a sassy lady who’s wearing leggings as pants; but please, the length in front should cover your lady parts.
  3. Choose appropriate FOOTWEAR.
    Do not wear sneakers. Do not wear sneakers. Do not wear sneakers. Let me be clear, you cannot wear a running shoe, a Ked, a Converse, a Shape-up, or anything with a rubber sole. If you enter advanced leggings as pants status, you MIGHT be able to pull off some Toms. But please, consult a professional for clearance before doing so. Instead, go for a nice tall boot, calf to knee high but NOT over the knee, you are not Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
  4. Stick with a SOLID COLOR on bottom.
    When you are buying yoga leggings avoid anything that looks too athletic. No piping, color blocking, or weird stuff—black and grey are your fail-safe’s here. You can add personality elsewhere, like by having an actual personality.
  5. Lastly, HAVE FUN ON TOP.
    You know what you like, go for it. Patterns, colors, shapes: do it all. Wear make-up and jewelry, do your hair just like usual. Horizontal stripes are a-ok here. Because the whole silhouette is so streamlined a busy or bold pattern doesn’t make you look heavier, it just adds interest that says “HEY, I’M ROCKING LEGGINGS AS PANTS AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE BECAUSE I LOOKED SO FUCKIN’ GREAT.”

the. end.

And please, tell your friends by tweeting this message



cats nap in the strangest positions

Hands up if you are super lazy about Instagram. I know I have both arms up right now, just like subletter cat here. It’s really amazing I can even type, basically I’m internetting with my mind powers.

You’ve probably noticed that as of yesterday on Twitter you can no longer view ‘grams in your stream by clicking open a tweet. Super sad day. I won’t bore your with the nerdy stuff. But remember when Facebook bought Instagram and then Instagram launched its own web profiles and then the CEO said some BS about wanting to direct traffic to their own website? Dick move Instabook, dick move.

The truth is I hardly ever click links in Twitter. Which isn’t quite true. I should say that I exclusively click links to articles and blog posts and read-ables and such. If you share a photo via Hootsuite or link to Facebook or some other weird photo sharing thing where the image doesn’t preview directly in my stream, I’m never going to see your photo. Ever. If you share your pins I unfollow you, kidding (kinda not really). It’s just that I’m lazy slash I hate being taken out of the experience of twittering. I have a problem, clearly.

I think I’ve talked about this before, but I treat my Instagram as more of an extension of this blog than a reflection? I will share photos occasionally, but there is a lot that goes on over there that never makes it to here. Or else I would be blogging cat photos ‘er day. I like the variety, I never feel like I’m shoving too much of the same stuff out there at the same time. If you choose to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and here then A) You love me B) I love you too, and just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, you “choose your choice.” But seriously, in an age of over consumption I choose to keep my platforms relatively independent and avoid pushing the same content all over the place.

My one overlap has always been Instagram to Twitter. While I don’t push every ‘gram to Twitter, I do often enough to notice this change. It’s pretty much the only way I share photos on the platform. Basically what this ‘update’ means to me is that I’ll phase that out since the experience just won’t be the same and I wonder if others will too. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be taking cat photos and putting filters on them, but you’ll just have to follow me on Instagram now to see them.

Are you on the ‘Grams and we don’t follow each other because we’ve been lazily phoning it in with tweets? Leave the link to your username in a comment and I’ll followsies. I’d really hate to miss out on any good Christmas timez photos coming up! Hugs, love, and filters everyone. We’ll get through this together.

Also, what do YOU think about this whole deal? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

UPDATE: Elizabeth from Seagrass Studio tweeted me this IFTTT recipe for bypassing the preview issue. (Isn’t the internet awesome! Thanks lady!) I’m going to test it out and get back to you. Also, Pinterest has moved in on this whole Twitter card thing and now pins are previewing in Twitter?!?!?! Its a crazy world out there guys. Sounds like another post will be coming up soon.

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