couch Macy's home office hurricane Sandy

I miss my temporary home office. And by home office I mean the hand-holding-man-friend’s couch, it’s a studio, don’t get crazy. We rode out the storm last week at his new apartment in Forest Hills, Queens and then subsequently got trapped there when transit didn’t run for three more days. That said, we were VERY fortunate, and I’ve never been more grateful that I work on the Internet and that Twitter is the same no matter where you go. I love working from home. In fact it’s my dream job, I think I could do just about anything if I didn’t have to spend at least two hours in transit everyday. Ten hour days become twelve when you’re crammed in a metal tube shuttling under the river there and back.

Isn’t the hand-holding-man-friend’s new couch super cute masculine? The new apartment was a downsize in space but an upgrade in neighborhood and commute, so a new couch was necessary. Welcome to New York City, where you can have it all if you just rearrange your priorities.

The couch is from Macy’s.

The coffee table is from West Elm.

The flowers are leftover from Ab Chao design camp.

Have laptop, can work from anywhere, am available for hire.

Oooh, and that pillow is from Target, tossed in a sale pile for FIVE DOLLARS. I made him buy it two months ago because I know about these things. That pillow was meant for this exact photo. Obviously.

Do you work from home? Love it? Hate it? How’d you fare with Sandy? Do you need anything? I’d be happy to help with whatever limited resources I have. I’m excellent at clean up.



On the bright side

Oct 30, 2012

in Home


bright spot after Sandy hurricane NYC

Little bright spot from hurricane Sandy, leftovers courtesy of Ab Chao design camp. Hugs for all of the tweets, facebooks, and texts of concern. The hand-holding-man-friend and I rode out the storm in Forest Hills and were incredibly lucky and fine and know too well that not all were.

G’luck to everyone this week. See you on the flip side.


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Beer casks at Singlecut Beer Brewery in Astoria

Guess what those are Internet? No not alien space ships or vertical submarine boats, they’re BEER cask/vat/tank thingies. OK, so I’m not sure the technical term because I forgot but trust me. They hold beer. Beer from the soon to be open Singlecut Beersmiths in Astoria. Yup, Astoria is getting its very own brewery. I’ve been Internet stalking the whole thing since last spring when it first appeared in my Twitter stream, and a couple weeks ago I had a chance to head over with a bunch of other social media folks and tour the space.

Still very much a work zone when we were there but so exciting to see it all coming together. They’ve done  all of the paperwork and hoop jumping rigmarole and are set to start brewing soooon. Which means local as local can get beer soooon. Rich, the owner is also in talks with a few local restaurants to do special brews and such. Which makes me very excited because I love to see folks partner up and do amazing things, especially in my ‘hood.

home brewed beer samples from Singlecut Beersmiths in Astoria

Look at all of those gorgeous beer samples they forced us to take home. Confession, I have TWO samples in my refrigerator I haven’t even had a chance to crack open, which makes me sad and embarrassed and wondering what I’m doing with my life. Stop and drink a beer, seriously. Definitely give them a follow on the Twitterz (@Singlecutbeer) and follow me too while you’re there. I fully plan to crack open those samples this weekend and I’ll probably live tweet that shit because that’s. who. I. am.

And hey, if you’re new to this blog because you saw this post and were at the event, say hello in the comments for heavens sake. I’m notoriously horrible meeting new people and introducing myself because I really like a shy fringe corner, but on the Internet I am so nice. So hi, I’m glad you’re here!



ab chao design camp participants at Sunday Suppers Studios in Brooklyn

Hi everyone! First off sorry for the brief hiatus here on ‘le blog. A. LOT. has been going on ’round my parts. No, not those parts. Geez. Short story, I started an internship, went to a big ole Queens wedding, and last weekend helped Ab Chao down in Brooklyn with her Dewit Design Camp. Thanks to Elizabeth from Seagrass Studio for tweeting at me awhile ago when Anna Beth was looking for an assistant to help her out while she was in town.

thevaguely on etsy, gilded poster - yes yes y'all

Camp was held at the beautiful Sunday Suppers Studios down in south Williamsburg. Its a bit out of the way for this Astoria dwelling gal, but a BEAUTIFUL space. Honestly, I’m no photographer, but every picture is captivating when the backdrop is white walls, natural cement, rough hewn wood tables and floor to ceiling sunshine. So hot right now.

bouquet by Kat Flowers and Coffee by Urban Rustic

I mean for heaven’s sake. Look at that gorgeous centerpiece by Kat Flower, it even makes the coffee air-pots look chic. We were kept caffeinated by Urban Rustic, they were super nice and sweet and accommodating, that counts for a lot hey? Each morning I hauled our coffee supplies down Driggs Avenue on the B62 bus, and they never once laughed at this little girl carrying an absurd amount of stuff. Like. A. Boss.

lunch by RadishNYC, cookies by Momofuku Milk Bar

Lunch both days we ordered from Radish, and IT WAS PHENOMENAL. Their catering menu is pretty spectacular. They really hit it out of the park on Sunday with this salad/rice/vinaigrette thing happening. I wanted to drink it from the pretty glass beaker. Cookies came from Momofuku Milk Bar, which I had never had before and yes, it is all its cracked up to be. Thanks for delivering ‘slightly’ outside of your zone guys, winky face!

I kept commenting to AB how nice people were being. Which maybe she couldn’t fully grasp, being from the south where people are of course hospitable by nature. But for New Yorkers, and Williamsburg, I was truly floored, maybe it was the beautiful fall weather or what, but many many thanks people of Brooklyn for being awesome, and I’ll hit you up the next time I’m there for sure.

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