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Mar 23, 2011

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 A friend of mine is moving into a new apartment (jelly-ous!) and last weekend I went over to see her new digs and give her my two cents about furniture and space planning and such. As she was telling me the ‘deets about their new place she suddenly got real quiet and mumbled “there’s just one thing… the toilet is pink.”

Pink Toilet in Sunnyside Queens

I immediately squealed with delight!!! Why did she save the best for last? Why was that not the opener?!?!?! “Hey guys, we’re moving to a new apartment with a PINK TOILET!” It probably should be the header on the real estate ad. But I digress…What I really wanted to know was if the WHOLE BATHROOM was pink or just the potty.

An ex-boyfriend of mine once sublet an apartment where the entire bathroom was pink. Floor to ceiling tiles, toilet, tub/shower, AND sink. It was strangely disconcerting and fascinating all at the same time to be in there.


In fact, a couple of months ago I was lounging through the NY Times and they had a whole article devoted to the comeback of the pepto-pink bathroom, read here. There are people out there specifically searching for them! And whats more, spending oodles of $$$ finding these vintage tiles and restoring their bathrooms to their former  mid-century glory.

Anyway, turns out, just the toilet is pink in her new pad, as you can see above. Yesterday she texts me asking if the ‘depot is the place to buy a new toilet seat. I said sure, but then spent my entire lunch hour googling unusual toilet seats. Now I know she’s probably looking for a plain jane regular toilet seat, but I figure if you’ve got the pink toilet, there’s no hiding it, so you might as well go all out and make it a “conversation piece.”

In true fashion, I of course got inordinately excited and just had to share some of these hilarious wicked awesome finds with the world. And guess what? Toilet seats are shockingly expensive. The price you pay to “make a statement.”

Blue gold fish, Pink seashells, Chevron zebra wood, and wooden deer toilet seat covers

Sources left to right, image credits as linked.

  1. Blue Goldfish – $59.99
  2. Pink Seashell – $44.99
  3. Chevron Zebra Wood – $27.29
  4. Deer Head – “currently unavailable  (I know I’ll be signing up for that e-mail alert, you should too!)

We renters in New York don’t always have the freedom to personalize our apartments the way we’d like. But why be resigned to something being an eyesore when you can just go with it and make it fantastically your own. Click here for a link to a post over at Apartment Therapy on how to install your own fancy-schmancy toilet seat. Just be sure to take it with you when you move!

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Or leave a  comment below with your wicked awesome toilet seat suggestion!

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