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Jul 27, 2011

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Pinterest Pinboard

So obviously I’m obsessed with Pinterest because A) I love the internet B) I’m too lazy to keep files and folders of pictures and log where they all came from C) Sometimes I have spare time on my hands and enjoy glazing over with pretty pictures in front of my eyeballs.

Sometimes though I find myself high on inspiration but running low on movtivation. Toughie. Its ok though, I’m not alone. In fact, some folks in the blogging world (Emily HendersonJoeyandLanaBowerPowerBlog, & YoungHouseLove) that I stalk follow on the twitter announced a Pinterest Challenge Summer Edition. I’m in, even if I am just a blog-a-tag-long. I immediately browsed over to my “Things I need to make” board to see what project ideas have been pinned but neglected.

A few things over there look good, but quite a bit is old and dusty. No need to put casters on my Expedit bookshelf when I went ahead and replaced that mamajama already! Thats the beauty of the Pinterest, it can stay in that board as long as it wants and it’s not taking up any file/wall/desk space. Just in case I  come full circle and find myself with an oversized bookshelf again.

Current brainstorming projects:

  1. A cupcake/cake stand for a friends Indian/Boho/Yogini wedding.
  2. Drawer/Wall organzier thingie-ma-bob for the cubicle
  3. Legs for my mini card catalog turned night stand. I’m really feeling this pic from Ms. Henderson’s most recent HGTV episode… Souring the world for 6″ hair pin legs now!

Card catalog turned console table on Style by Emily Henderson{Teri Lyn Fisher}

Looks like its time to get serious with the pins and project planning for the weekend. Happy Pinning Everyone! Come back next Tuesday to see if I actually made it off the internet and to the project zone!

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Kelly! July 28, 2011 at 9:48 am

Yeah! Yeah! Get it!


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