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Mar 28, 2011

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wicker woven servery traySee wicker serving trays rescued from the recycle pile at work. (Don’t judge, I pilfered them in secret) I have 5 of these big mama-jamas, they’re about 15″ diameter!

square string art template beginner

See template I looked up online for remedial string art, much like you would give an elementary school child. Or me… Get template here. And more advanced ones here. See really fancy string art here.

collage of string art process

See my 10 pm while watching Grey’s foam board trial run.  Click photo for a big version. Note to self, when they say its best to use embroidery thread they mean it, regular yarn is too thick. Oh, and Ehow recommended veneer pins, they were right too, I used carpet tacks because they were on hand and I like their irregular little heads, but they wound up being too short and stumpy to be really secure.

I personally recommend a “lady sized hammer” to tap in the pins, a ‘la picture #2 above. Of course preferably in a floral pattern. Keeps delicate hands delicate for teeny tiny pins!

This was just an experimentation for doing string art on the fantastic rescued wicker trays. I thought I would get to it this weekend, but my entryway table project sucked a lot of time, and most of my can-do attitude. It’s ok though, I live to craft another day!

Leave a comment below if you’ve got the perfect string art method &/or template and lets bring back the 70’s together!

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