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Apr 2, 2011

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Street table update! Spent Saturday morning playing with the bloggity here, see disclaimer above ??. When my eyes started to go googly I closed the magic interwebs portal and put on my furniture refinishing duds. A.k.a. pretty much anything I own, as my clothes are starting to appear a little homeless looking.

But I digress… sanding and staining 2.0 went MUCH better than round 1 last week! It was a balmy 51 degrees outside and the sun was shiny and bright. I sanded her down with my new fancy schmancy Black&Decker Mouse Sander, and after a thorough wipe down which also served to allow my sanding hand to regain natural feeling, I slapped a coat of stain on her. I’m using Minwax PolyShades in Royal Walnut Satin Finish (I don’t know why I capitalized all of that, is stain a proper noun?).

table sanding and staining process

click for bigger version

Has anyone else used this? It’s not the stain I remember from my child labor days youth when I stained trim for the old house. This stuff has the poly finish included so its like a one stop shop. I wasn’t really paying attention when I bought it I guess, as I was most likely in a blackout/project mode trance. My jury is out as to whether the old-fashioned method of stain then seal is actually better, or if this new fangledy stuff is awesome. Shake well and stir for sure and I can definitively say clean up is a sticky mess, but a quick trip to the hardware store for some mineral spirits solved that. And I found the corner protectors I’ve been searching for for my vanity redo for 3 bucks!?!?!?! God bless Queens!

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