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Mar 21, 2011

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So check it out. I’m trying to revamp my vanity, because I’m tired of looking at it just sitting there looking all sameness for three years running.

narrow leg vanity from west elm in chocolate finishIt’s the ever popular Narrow-Leg Vanity from West Elm. Click to buy your own.

I still love it. It works perfectly to store all my make-uppy things and nail polishes, and those drawers hold a surprising amount of random stuff. Then when its blog time, I can just flip that top down and voila a workspace!

I’m just feeling a little blah about its looks. I’ve been wanting to change out the drawer hardware forever because that’s the easy peasy fix, but the draw pulls are 4″ center to center and I can’t find anything I like.  Evidently West Elm really wants you to keep the orignal look of their piece by putting non-standard/hard to replace hardware on its stuff.

Well too bad. I got serious about the overhaul when I spotted this pic over at Apartment Therapy from an article that ran on NY curbed.com. Something about Jennifer Aniston moving to the West Village, click here to check out the article. P.S. lets pause for such a beautiful photo. (Sorry about my sad cell phone snaps folks). And those FLOORS! Dead, I would never leave.

Jennifer Aniston's West Village apartmentOk, deep breaths and take your eyes to that desk, I’m positive it costs 9 bajillionmillion dollars. I love what’s happening there, and I immediately filed the image away and began looking for the necessary pieces to pimp my vanity.

Home Depot knob and drawer pullsSo there I am standing in the knob and pull aisle on a Sunday morning at 10 am in my 2nd Home Depot of the weekend, and nothing! “Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!” So many knobbies and things and absolutely nothing for me. Anything I remotely liked (something like this) was only in a 3 inch size. And I’m not even concerned with the finish, as I’m going to gilt it with the gold finish paint left over from this project.

And wouldn’t you know, when you go into Home Depot they look at you like you have seven heads if you ask if they have corner guards “you know like on big trunks, and table corners?” He looked at me with such blank eyes, I snuck my phone with the picture back into my pocket and decided to leave him to his hangover. To the google!

Victory was mine for one brief shining moment see here. I actually threw my hands in the air at my cubie a ‘la touchdown. Then I clicked on the shipping and saw that they had a $10.95 flat rate shipping for anything under 50 dollars. No way, not paying 11 bucks to ship 2 dollars worth of hardware. Boo. Back to square one…

So if you’ll excuse me I have to go refine my google search terms. The weekend is only 4 days away!

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wendy baker March 23, 2011 at 6:23 pm

if i understand you properly… the spacing between the screw locations for the handles is 3″ ? if you can’t get to a regular hardware store (not the big orange monster)… how about asking an architect friend? there are tons of hardware catalogs in every office.
also, since the need is more pressing than that, perhaps two small glass knobs set 3″ apart? anthropologie? vintage glass knobs(flea market), huge beads (bead store), or even restoration hardware…
too many choices again. still it is do-able.


B.Strave March 23, 2011 at 7:14 pm

Oh Wendy don’t I WISH they were 3″ apart. It seems to be the norm. I briefly considered the double knob situation, I’m still on the fence, maybe to knobby for me. I’m dreaming of one of those sleek looking brassy pulls that look like an old mail slot… so far I have only come across them in 3″ in anything I like. Must find architect friend or learn how to cast metal ;-)
P.S. love your beads and things!

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