From Where I Run

Aug 23, 2012

in Play, Queens

running in astoria park in august

The key to an attempt at non slothfulness for me is running as soon as I get home from work. Drop my computer, shoes on, and back out the door. Having 5:00pm coffee helps too. My route is a well calculated  four miles in and around Astoria Park that at no point crosses anywhere near my front door. You see the problem with living with the park literally off your front stoop is that at nearly any given time you can practically hear Pat Sajak and Vanna White’s witty Wheel of Fortune banter and your comfy couch + carb snacks calling your name.

I can notice the evening light changing now as fall peeks around the corner. I’m partly excited because I love the season and partly depressed because winter is right behind fall. I really look forward to running in the cooler weather and seeing the seasons change so drastically right outside my front door. This first full year in the new apartment is going to be a good one, I can feel it.

Do you run? Do you Instagram to avoid running? Follow me over there, same username as Twitter (cubicle57blog). And check out more ‘Grams here. #fromwhereirun is a popular Instagram hashtag that’s fun to search and see what other pavement pounders are looking at that day.

Note: Can also substitute run with a multitude of things #fromwhereibike #fromwhereieat #fromwhereiwork. If it’s a word someone has #fromwherei-hashtagged that shiz. I think that’s pretty neat.

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Frank August 26, 2012 at 8:22 am

I really like running in the park. Although, recently old age has gotten to me and need to rest my injured feet…plus the summer heat is not a friend to runners. I prefer running in the early mornings because it’s a bit cooler during the summer…motivating myself to wake up early is a killer and sometimes a deal breaker. I can’t wait for the fall to start running again…maybe this time I’d take it easy on my poor feet.


Beckie August 26, 2012 at 9:06 am

Yes! I started running my third mile on the track because it feels so nice on my creaky former dancer hips and knees. Mornings are the best because the park is so quiet, I wish I had more of them, but weekends are the only time I can get out there that early. I just love that for the most part the people running in the park are just regular folks.

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