Selling 2R: School Desk Edition

Sep 28, 2011

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super cute school deskGuys the ‘Rooms and I have started selling off our apartment. As you know I’ve been scrimping and pinching and stretching and hoarding pennies+nickles+dimes and the occasional dollar bill so I can finance a mooooooooove out of this apartment. Long story short, it seems that moving will not be happening this fall or within the next six months. Looking like another winter hunkering down in 2R. I’ve made my peace with this, but we’re doing a major overhaul of our living room in an effort to hate our space (or lack thereof) less. We’d put off editing and rectifying the hoarding collecting state of our living room because we were planning on abandoning ship anyway. However in our current position a couple of gallons of paint is cheaper than moving. We’re going to make the best of what we’ve got. This BTW is the most prominent and worthwhile trait I possess. Cheers internet.

I suppose most people sell their stuff because they’re planning to move. We’re selling our stuff because we have to stay? buy paint. Which is why we recently said goodbye to our little school desk and its super cute pencil groove and book snuggie cubby. This was one of the first things we bought for cheap from Build it Green back in the day (2009) after the first sparse year in 2R when we decided to put our roots down in NYC and make our apartment a home that we would like to look at and spend our forseeable future in.

We were sad to see it go. We love it, guests love it, its novel, its nostalgic, it was super cheap and a great story. A “conversation” piece if you will. But it was time to pass it on to another good home for someone else to love. The desk was listed on Craigslist for about 12 hours before its new mom came to pay for and pick it up. Onward and upward as they say.

I’m trying to find some good recent pictures of the living room. But it seems as if there really aren’t any. Probably for a few reasons.

  1. This room has no windows and is nearly impossible to photograph with decent lighting
  2. It’s been out of control for a while and we’ve been avoiding admitting documenting this fact.
  3. Its difficult to capture a good picture from my usual couch potato position.

I hereby solemnly swear I will make a concerted effort in the future to properly document the BEFORE in the before and afters. Cross-dy fingers!


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