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Mar 22, 2011

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I’d like to say this is a before and after post, but in reality its a “middle” and “middle-r” / where are they hiding all the good lamp shades rant?!?!? Check out the dated before before here.

Now feast your eyes on this tall drink o’ water, with her new rockin gold bod and demure IKEA shade.

Gold Peir 1 Floor lamp with White IKEA lamp shade

I originally bought the shade thinking I would recover it, but it became a moot point when I got the thing home and realized how teeny tiny it looked on top of its tall thin mama. (It looked bigger in Brooklyn I swear!) I learned to live with it, but it made me feel  funny that I could always just see its undercarriage lamp parts peeking out from underneath the bottom edge. On a side note, go visit this site if you want to learn all the proper anatomical names for “lamp parts” so you can stop calling them thingiemagigers and twistiebits. I was fascinated because I love crap like that useless information learning new things, but clearly I  have retained nothing.

Fast forward to last weekend when I accidentally did it again. Bought a lamp shade that’s all wrong for the lamp. Its this one in the large size from the Thomas O’Brien collection at Tarjjjet.

Gold Floor Lamp with Thomas O'Brian Grey Cone Shade from Target

I like the shape and size, and I was specifically looking for a grey shade (ha, shade of grey shade) but I didn’t realize it had that sheen to it when I picked it up in the store. I must have black-ed out from trying too hard to want it to work. Boo. Or maybe it will grow on me, when its lit it takes on this golden hue that is really pretty…

Or maybe it just needs a bunny finial like this one.

Honestly, I should probably just start carrying this thing around with me. (The lamp, not the bunny silly!) Like when you’re shopping for the perfect dress to go with “those shoes” or vis-a-versa. Or more likely in my case looking for a paint color to match that certain tea-cup. And don’t worry, I have no shame, I’ve carried much bigger and stranger things down the boulevard. I MUST get this lamp situation taken care of so it can stop staring me in the face every time I’m watching my stories on the telly!

P.S. Leave a comment if you’ve got the perfect lampshade source (keep in mind I’m poor, I’ve spent all my money on lamp shades). Or you’ve got an idea to de-shinify this one! Ok bye, gotta go order my rabbit finial get my beauty rest.

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