Snow boot season is here

Jan 24, 2012

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Things that are not awesome about winter in New York City


don't eat the yellow snow NYC edition

So there you have it. Snow was officially here in NYC this past weekend. Probably for good, never mind that freak Halloween blizzard business. Strangely I find myself without appropriate footwear yet again. My snow boots of yore got completely worn out last season with the whole snowpacolyse situation that plagued us for most of December, January and February. Time to devote a little lunch time sleuthing and Internet browsing for appropriate warm and stable footwear. Stable is key, unintentional ice skating in hard soled leather ankle boots is the worst! FYI the ‘Rooms and I refer to the wobbly slippery walk through snow, ice, and slush as “billy-goating.” Hashtag that!

Any suggestions Internet? I know for sure I won’t be going full Hunter rain boot route, I already own a great pair of floral to the knee rain boots but they’re too clunky for the daily back and forth from the subway (nine Astoria blocks folks, 7,000 if I’m in Queens-Queens) for three months straight. I’ve officially moved my TOMS to the cubicle for maximum office comfort, so maybe a sensible wool lined Sperry Top-Sider will do? In New York waterproof is equally as important as warmth, if not more so. After all I’m not really a sledding/hiking/skiing gal, my main concern is to avoid the great lake at 79th and Amsterdam when I’m running to Insomnia Cookies for lunch my afternoon snack.

And of course I want something stylish that I can wear with EVERYTHING. Winter is bad enough without feeling like a complete roly poly troll under all those layers. Plus, you know, street style matters. How else will I ever end up on Fashables? Happy non-Hunters-hunting everyone!

winter morning sunlight through the trees of Central Park

UPDATE: at the time of publishing it is currently 45 degrees and beautiful enough to melt my cold black heart. Central Park West is bathed in beautiful morning light. Thank you iPhone for allowing me to update this post while sitting on a bench outside the Museum of Natural History. I love you too! Boot shopping will naturally be procrastinated upon until the next time it snows…


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