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Aug 30, 2011

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restaurant in midtown manhattanI met Emily Henderson ya’ll. You know from last season’s Design Star who has her very own Secrets from a Stylist show on HGTV now? Yeah if you don’t know who that is (I’m talking to you Mom) just head on over the website after this and watch some good stuff. I’ve been following her blog since her season and its one of my almost daily check ins. I think HGTV did a fantastic job getting her to vlog after each episode, because Emily has such a unique perspective and an ability to have an opinion and give that opinion a voice, but always with an emphasis on the constructive in the criticism. That is a rare quality these days and its refreshing and in Emily’s words it “makes me want to watch her show.”

And then… I walked into this meet and greet with New York area bloggers and told all that to her face. WTF? I am super-duper awkward and meeting strangers makes me wanna disappear. I mean really, who says something like that? Oh well. I did and then I lived to tell about it. In public I guess. On this blog.

I met lots of great people. Big {HUGS} to Lana, Emily’s online media manager for putting this shin dig together. Pure power of Twitter ya’ll. Reason number 715 why I fall more and more in love with that platform everyday. I just answered a tweet one afternoon and then there I was in the room with a bunch of super neat and diverse peoples. I like that it was a mish-mash of folks. Some design bloggers, DIYer,  foodies, artists, jewelery designers, and even fine folks in film and the tv industry. Good to have variety because you can only talk about wallpaper for so long, and I love a good wallpaper chat…

Ooh, also the late great Tyler from this seasons Design Star. My meeting with Tyler went like this.

Me: Hey wow, you totally look like you do on TV.

T: Hi, how are you.

Me: I wanted you to stay on the show. Boo.

T: Me too (it wasn’t meant for me yada yada, something super nice)

Me: Oh well, you’re awesome anyway, and you have good hair. Ok, bye.

I think I should take a class in making conversation. I’m not sure you should discuss someone’s hair within the first 5 minutes of meeting them. Unless you’re a hair stylist, which I’m not, I only do my own homemade hair cuts.

In other news, check out the wallpaper in the awesome upstairs space they had us corralled in.

flocked wall paper at tre dici

Yes, it is flocked, and yes I did crawl over the table to touch it and find out. See? You can’t take me anywhere.

Group shot of folks chatting away.

chatting networking and drinking

I’m also not above asking if those are the original tin ceiling tiles or whether they came from the home depot down on 23rd… The bartender didn’t know, obvs!

Another candid  chat shot with Joey, the other half of JoeyandLana MakeAHouseAHome.

I recognized him from their blog, which is rare and will probably never happen to me again because I am muy mal with faces. However, all I had to say was “I like the buttons on your shirt.” Honestly, I should have thrown myself in the street. Who opens with that? Whatevs, then we talked about his suit jacket and that was ok.

Overall I met some lovely lovely folks including but not limited to:

Linda @ My Crafty Home Life

Kim @ Think Design Thoughts

Lana&Joey Make a House a Home

Sir Duane Hosein

Lindsay @ Chic to the Nines

Rebecca @ The Lil House that Could

Ms. Emily Anderson

It was a chill evening with cocktails and chats. A very well curated gift bag was acquired too. I’ll fill you in on the contents later because it deserves its own post. Obviously! Cheers. Go click and say hi to some of my new blogger bff’s I linked to. Yay, socializing is fun.

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Krishann August 30, 2011 at 4:06 pm

Love your openess of what your experience was like. I often get nervous meeting new people too. On the brightside you made it through the night and met some great people and I bet your comments made you even more memorable :)


B.Strave August 30, 2011 at 4:13 pm

“Memorable” like the kid that eats paste? :-) It takes all kinds, and it was great!!

Lisa August 30, 2011 at 10:01 pm

Wow! I really enjoyed speaking w u the other night. I didn’t find u awkward but funny. Your business cards were def the very orginal…u must write abt bc a simple idea leaves a big impact. Glad we got to meet. (I’m the womam who take’s pics for ).


B.Strave August 30, 2011 at 10:33 pm

Thanks Lisa! Big hugs.


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