Social Media is Just Like Real Life: 5 Tips

Jan 22, 2013

in Work

Guys, I totally forgot to tell you I was guest blogging over at Design Thoughts for my blogging/twitter gal pal who I met about a zillion years ago when we both went to this meetup event for Emily Henderson from Design Star. I work in social now and love it and sometimes I like to talk about it because I am a huge nerd. I think there are differences between social for something like this blog and social for something like a big corporate machine but at the same time the basics are the same.

First things first, be a human being.

A social account is an extension of your brand/person no matter how small or well constructed so remember to keep the human element in your internetz. FYI – If you suck at being a human being, work on that first, then get on twitter. Or hire someone, I’m available. read my guest post on Design Thoughts for more tips on how social media is just like real life.

Side note: I’m thinking about doing some writing here about social and tech and things. Who knows, we’ll play it by ear. I really like working with MakeYourMediaSocial clients but that kind of freelance stuff has taken a back seat lately as I get more involved with work-y work. I send out a social newsletter twice a month, but am thinking maybe that kind of content could have a place here. Or not, if you guys want all cat photos all the timez then I WILL BLOG ALL THE CAT PHOTOS. Maybe get Soph her own tumblr… Thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments.

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