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Jun 30, 2012

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cat nap through the heat wave

Hold up Internet, New York is havin’ a heat wave! Or I as I prefer to call it, summer. Lordy, I’ve never heard people freak out more about some regular old seasonal weather. Now, don’t get me wrong, its hot as all get out, and I plan to alternate sweltering until I can’t stand it anymore then running my AC while the dollars drain from my pocket, rinse and repeat. Maybe I’ll go treat myself to a double feature at the movies, but with the price of a ticket these days it’s probably best to just stay put and catch up with you internet. I mean there’s vacation posts to be written and all…

I will pass along Sophie’s advice for beating the heat though. Tried and true.

Nap. Nap the shit outta your day. It’s Saturday. Treat yourself, drink water, and see you ’round the world wide web. Though rumor has in an Amazon Cloud outage caused by storms  in North Virginia has taken down Instagram, Pinterest, and Netflix. So I guess we’ll all read books then?

What are YOU doing to beat the heat? Do you feel lost without the ‘Grams? Share below, you’ve got nothing better to do today.

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