Too hot to trot

Jun 9, 2011

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summer haze in New York City

So its hot hot hot in the city this week. Summer is here in full force. On the trek to the train this morning I looked up from my iced coffee IV to notice a peculiar sky line. No buildings?!?!?! Usually from this spot you can see the Chrysler Building and some of the Empire State Building and all those other various tall buildings on the east side of the city where men in suits work. Today? Nada. I guess this is what they call poor air quality. It’s probably what LA calls a “good day.” It’s even too hot for the falafel man outside my office. He’s gone missing today, I hope he’s ok.

Keep cool friends. Drink water and iced coffee and stay nice to each other. Heat makes New Yorker’s cranky and we start yelling at each other and saying things we don’t mean. Mostly because everything smells like urine and our shoes are melting to the pavement that we have to pound day in and day out. Today I am thankful for the office air conditioning, even though I have to run my space heater under my desk to keep from turning into a popsicle. Remember that post I did awhile back about preparing for summer? Who’s throwing the barbecue this weekend? I’m available…

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J.David June 9, 2011 at 5:04 pm

I just bought a new AC unit on Like I have the money. Hello Visa…we meet again.


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