My top three TOMS picks for fall

Sep 25, 2012

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old toms to the donation pile

Its that time of year again! Fall fashion time. Which means I can get back out my TOMS and wear them non stop until the first snow. Only problem is, my pairs are looking a little worse for the wear and need to go in the donation box/trash pile.

I love TOMS but they do tend to wear down rather quickly. If you’re like me and you wear one pair non-stop almost every day, and live 10 blocks from the subway you’re probably going to go through about three pairs a year. I personally think TOMS should do like MAC cosmetics and after you collect a certain amount of used items you can trade them in for a discount or free pair. Are you listening TOMS? You can email me here, let’s talk.

I’ve picked out my top three from this years new arrivals. Maybe if I book some more freelance work mama can get a new pair of shoes! Dreamin’ big folks.

Silver Karsen, Grey Cord, and Ash Indo TOMS style for fall

one | twothree

What’s your favorite? Do you have a go to shoe you wear when the weather turns chilly? Let’s talk footwear in the comments!

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Señor Poopteepantz September 25, 2012 at 10:39 am

SILVER KARSEN!!! No brainer!!! Ask Tom if I can be the underprivileged child who gets your second pair…


Kelly September 25, 2012 at 10:47 am

girl, I was just looking at ordering some new Tom’s last night. I am digging the gray cord ones… they’re all pretty fantastic though.


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