Ugly or Awesome: Animal Hairpiece Hats

Apr 15, 2011

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I know this week I haven’t posted any personal project photos or any fun ridiculous anecdotes of 2R. Probably mostly because I’m still suffering from the depressions spurred by last weeks cr-aftermath fiasco. 

Dog otto hiding in pillow fortWhich in turn makes me want to curl up in a ball a ‘la Otto style in a fort of comfy pillows.

Its OK though, its Friday and I intend to treat myself to some hulu, some delivery, and some quality bed time. Saturday morning I’ll wake up refreshed and full of vigor to be all the weekend warrior I can be.

Enough about the project depressions. However, I have been super-web browsing this week so it’s not a total wash. Check out this latest installment for the Ugly or Awesome files.

Meet these animal shaped hair-stravaganza’s made by Nagi Noda, a Japanese artist and video director from Tokyo (sadly no longer with us).

Poodle Hairpiece by Nagi Noda

I have always wanted a standard poodle of my very own...

Lion hairpiece from Nagi Noda

In like a Lion, out like a lamb...

Image Credit: here

I of course with my love of all things crazy am leaning toward loving these. Then again this probably doesn’t fall into the “business casual” dress code for the cubie. So where-ever would a gal where this? Sometimes art is just art to be fun and beautiful and outrageous!

Of course I don’t vote on my own polls… that’s your job VOTE BELOW!!!

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P.S. If you’re confused about Ugly or Awesome… or missed last weeks, read here.

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