Ugly or Awesome: Epic Alaska Edition

Jun 26, 2011

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gun rack made out of deer feet and head

This epic winner of all time is brought to you by a good friend of mine who is doing a show in the cellphone service-less woods of Alaska. She did however succeed in documenting this gem for me! Remember this post when we were debating the ugly or awesomeness of those deer feet mounted as a coat rack? Well clearly the deer dear  (haha) state of Alaska decided to take this winner a step further. In what I can only assume is a public shrine to said victim where the head and feet are mounted to hold perhaps the gun that lead to the deer in questions demise? Might this be hung over the table at the local grub hub where venison is most assuredly on the menu? Again, epic.

SIDE NOTE: Funny story involving another four-legged, hooved and antlered creature. I am super excited that my delicious fave Astoria establishment Bareburger is in fact opening a second Astoria location mere blocks from my house in the Ditmars area. They have a good thing going with their ke-razy delicious burgers where you can choose ostrich/bison/beef/elk/turkey to spice up your life. My hand-holding man friend considers this establishment near and deer dear to his heart (sorry I can’t stop). Sometimes I think he only comes to Astoria  so we can go eat at the house of burgers that are bare. Anyway, I told him that I was so excited to have the yumminess so close to my house and how ecstatic I was that Bareburger is doing so well that they can open 2 more spots in a year (they’re also planning a Brooklyn edition). His response? “Good for Bareburger, bad for the Elk…” Cue rim-shot. Thank you and good night!

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