Weekend Bits: Festival Edition

Aug 13, 2012

in Play, Queens

weekend at Astoria Park Shorefest

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I missed you!

Coming to you fresh from a medium to wildly productive couple of days in Astoria. Sent the hand-holding-man-friend off to sunny San Diego, so its just been me and the ‘Rooms roaming around the apartment. Went for a couple long runs, did some website work (made a fun 404 page in case you care at all), and popped over to the Astoria Park¬†Shorefest in the backyard on Sunday.

parks and rec booth at Astoria Park Shorefest

I’m glad I got a chance to stop by since we missed the pet parade last week. Sophie is still miffed. The fest on the shore was a nice little ditty, smaller than a street fair, but bigger than a 2R party? Every week has a theme. Last week was families, this week was food (Astoria food writer Meg Cotner was there, and I totally missed her, like a loser), next week is jams. No not the food, like tunes, musical stylings and such.

flamenco, music, dogs, and free sod?

It had everything an event needs to be successful. Dogs, nice weather, music, ukulele lessons, dancing, snacks, and sod? Yeah, it took me a hot second but I tracked down the meaning to the sod patches. I thought maybe it was meant to be like a Highline type thing or some kind of art installation, this is NYC… But nope, turns out jokes on me as their website clearly states that they’re giving away sod at the end of each day! You’re supposed to contact them if you’re interested. Someone with a lawn PLEASE contact them. I have to know more about this sod business. Is this a big draw? Should all aspiring events be giving away sod? I LOVE YOU ASTORIA YOU STRANGE BEAST!!

Check out the schedule of entertainment for next week, and maybe I’ll see you there? I’ll be the weird girl taking pictures of strangers’ dogs.¬†

PS. Note the dreadlocks on that dog. It was awesome. Also, I’ve never seen him around the ‘hood, he must be visiting. I hope he/she’s there next week…

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Jess @UsedYorkCity August 13, 2012 at 8:25 am

Aww, my first thought was, “That’s so nice of them to give the pups a comfortable area to relieve themselves!” But sod giveaways are always appreciated, too;-)


Beckie August 13, 2012 at 8:29 am

Yeah, me too. And then I remembered directly behind this street is the um park, where there is a whole hill of trees and grass.

So next week if you want your sod you know where to come.

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