Why our animals hate the weekend

Apr 9, 2011

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pouting dog and cat during weekend projects

We here in 2R live for the weekend project. Otto and Sophie, the resident doggie and mountain lion, do not. As illustrated in their pathetic lost expressions above? P.S. this is during clean-up, it was was more tornado like (at one point I had half my bedroom in the living room). Needless to say they had a rough day.

disgruntled cat hiding in laundry hamper

Laundry hamper hidey hole

Sophie (born a cat, grew to lioness) absolutely hates things being moved around, and when she’s not sniffing around and judging with her discerning eye she spends her time finding a nice hidey nook to curl up in and nap through the action until its time to come out and pester for dinner kibbles.



dog on hiding in pillows pouting

Pillow fort pouting position

And Otto, well he just hates projects because it means that Daddy and/or dog-Mommy’s hands are busy doing things that don’t involve petting him. Often accompanied by very stern “No! Go!” proclamations. At which point he will climb up on his dog throne and pout until further notice and free hands are available.


Needless to say these two are very happy once the weekend is over and they can return to their usual schedule of quiet daytime napping and relaxing evening T.V. viewing. Do you have animals in the house? How do they react to your weekend activity? Anyone have any super helpful pets? Sophie and Otto say hi and buh-bye!

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