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Apr 26, 2011

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So as you know from this post we hosted our very own Easter bonnet parade in 2R this past weekend. We just couldn’t resist the idea of taking our crafting to the next level and creating something wearable. 

Enter an epic trip to the dollar store & Michaels a.k.a. 2R Mecca to scavenge for supplies, and we were off! All totalled I think my bonnet supplies cost me about 8 bucks. But in reality probably just as much in hot glue sticks (why so expensive glue?). Plus about 17 man hours cuz I’m slow, and who knows how many layers of skin from my delicate lady fingers.

But it was totally worth it, check out the supplies…

Craft supplies from Michaels and Lee's Art Shop

Ok now that I look at that pic I totally forgot I spent about 7 million dollars on fancy ribbon from Lee’s Art Shop, but in all fairness that was bought during a previous depressive retail blackout to soothe my soul. Annnnd I didn’t use it all so the cost is more spread out right?

Anyway, so the base part of my bonnet was the dollar basket that I cut the handles off of, easy-peasy! Then I set about making a brim. Now I did a little google and some image searches to decide how “full bonnet” I wanted to go. Little House vs. Amish vs. Flying Nun ect…  Then I got a headache from thinking so hard (sometimes my brain isn’t so good with spatial visualization) so I just said screw it and started cutting.

Making the brim was pretty much a cut and paste job of trying out different depths and angles of the curves and such from that 39¢ posterboard stuff (I bought two as a precaution but only wound up using one). Of course as you can see, I used extremely complex measuring tools like various IKEA bowls and plates to trace the desired curves I wanted.

tracing curves with IKEA bowls and plates

This took me around a million hours, no joke. The ‘Rooms completely finished his masterpiece while I was still messing around tracing everything on the floor. Somewhere in the middle of my craft paper haze it dawned on me that what I was actually doing was making a freakin’ hat from scratch, like I was Phillip Tracy or something. Needless to say the ‘Rooms came to the rescue with one of his famous “talk me off the ledge” speeches and we took a break for chinese food.

tissue paper modge podge decopauge

Once I got everything situated I taped together my pattern and traced a final brim that I could decoupage with fancy dollar store tissue paper on one side and leftover fabric from some curtains on the other (you know, to keep it “organic” looking with the straw base). Bahahaa, cuz I like to keep it real at Easter.

modge podge gluing fabric

After the tissue paper decoupaging I let it rest for a couple of days, because I had to go back to the cubicle, and they kind of frown upon crafting during work you know… But, I came back in full force to finish for the win! This also happened to be during the middle of a kind of date where I rationalized to the gentleman in question that it was better this way. You see, some people hide their crazy and you find out when it’s too late, but witnessing the craft-ermath is pretty much as crazy as I get, so its really a practice in full disclosure dating. (T.M.I. I know, guilty, sue me).

hot glue craft mess

Ok… so, the hardest part was definitely the pattern making for the brim, followed by patience for letting my Mod Podge dry (because I’m too cheap for spray adhesive). But after that I got to my favorite part and coasted home with hot-glue gun in hand, somehow I oddly excel at gluing ribbon to hat brims (that was the easy part).  I topped her off with a few dollar store ribbon curls and a cute little chick egg as the pièce de résistance and called it a finished masterpiece. Ta da!

Finished easter bonnet

Easter brunch bonnet










P.S. I know you might be saying something like “Beckie…why are you posting an Easter bonnet how-to AFTER Easter?” To which I say again… I’m slow. BUT May-day is right around the corner and I figure hey, swap out the Easter-eggs for some May flowers and you’ve got a whole other party to plan right? Tell your friends, you’re welcome! Now who is hosting?

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