Working for the weekend

May 7, 2012

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Bits of my weekend as brought to you by le iPhone. Saturday was spent mostly with the Verizon guy finally getting internet in the house, and the plumber fixing a leaky shower which meant sitting with Otto in his pillow fort swaddling him so he didn’t eat the intruders. Nobody puked or got bit, so I’m calling that a win. I also went to a DIY event at CB2 that I’ll talk about tomorrow. Sunday finally turned out some sunshine in New York, and I tried to soak up every ray (well SPF’d of course), it was nice to enjoy a run, brunch, and some park time with the hand-holding-man-friend. Making an effort to work less/smarter on the weekends so I can enjoy the “off” time during spring and summer.

How about you? Did you Cinco your Mayo? Fun tales or tribulations? What was the weather like in the rest of the world? I feel myself coming out of the hibernation of winter with a bang. Come back tomorrow for CB2 #DIYSaturdays talk and I’ll start planning some projects around the new house this week and hopefully stop avoiding unpacking those final few boxes lurking in the bonus room…

P.S. Fun fact. My new fave Sunday night activity while I’m fighting off the Monday dreads and slowly getting final weekend things wrapped up is browsing by PuglyPixel and seeing what new tutorials/fun bits she’s posted during the week. Used this cute font filling technique and free font download to play around in elements for a bit. Procrasti-working at its finest. Hugs everyone!

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